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The Richmond Film Society showed its first film on Tuesday 2nd April 1963 at the Richmond Community Centre (then in Sheen Road where Waitroise now stands). The film was Ballad of a Soldier (Grigoriy Chukhray, 1959) and since when we have screened over 860 films, see the full list here.

Our objective was, and remains, to bring our community the very best in World Cinema. Our seasons run from September to June and attract an aggregate audience approaching 4,500.
We are a member of Cinema For All (British Federation of Film Societies) and Film Hub London  and work closely with the Independent Cinema Office and other industry bodies to identify and source the very best in World Cinema. See a full history of the society here.

An overview of the fascinating history of cinemas in the greater Richmond area in the context of the evolution in film technology has been written by our Chairman, Peter Sheil. It can be read here, together with a supporting information sheet here.

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