December 7 2021


From the makers of The Last Race, Michael Kershaw and Gregory Kershaw we move from an urban setting of a US small town racetrack

to the woods in Piedmont Italy in the foothills

of the Western Alps. Here we follow a group of elderly men and their dogs as they hunt for the prized Alba truffle, with one particularly fine specimen selling at auction for €100,000!

It took three years to film and it takes three

years to turn the chosen dog into a truffle

finder with man and his dog sharing a special language which no one else can comprehend.


In this slow elegiac film, we witness intimate scenes of domestic life and the affection that binds man and dog. In order to protect their techniques and hunting locations pairs of man and dog regularly scour the forest floor at night; this is a secret world, the location of the find is never shared with fellow hunters, family or even the priest! In one scene an 84-year-old truffle hunter is cajoled by a much younger man who attempts to make him reveal his secrets and favourite hunting grounds. When the frustrated

Italy, Greece, USA

2020, 84 mins.

Italian language

English sub-titles

Directed by Michael Dweck

and Gregory Kershaw

(Caution: These comments may contain plot spoilers)

younger man finally declares “All your secrets will disappear when you die” it becomes clear that what we are watching is the end of a particular way of life.


This is a quiet film, no historical overview, no narrative voice introductions to guide you but embrace this special film as a tribute to truffle hunters of today and those that have gone before. Each scene as if a detail from a Renaissance painting, the ancient buildings, snow covered fields, domestic interiors photographed often with only natural light gives the film it’s special warmth and intimacy.


With an estimated population of 12 million dogs in the UK and well over 9 million in Italy it may not surprise you to know that a fair amount of this information I lifted from a canine magazine. Thank you BARK.

Annie Cartland